Bulk invite multiple vendors onto your event (for LeadGen and/or to provide vendor staff passes)

Bulk invite multiple vendors onto your event (for LeadGen and/or to provide vendor staff passes)


Bulk import vendors into your EventsPass event when you want to do any of the following:
  1. Provision vendors with a LaedGen account. Learn more about LeadGen here.
  2. Provision vendors with staff access passes. Learn more about this process here.
  3. Provision vendors with access to consignment tickets (so vendors have the ability to purchase or book tickets on behalf of their customers, to help attract them to the event)


Please make sure you have addressed all pre-requisites before commencing the import process:
  1. An internet-connected laptop or computer, capable of opening CSV and excel file formats.
  2. Your database of vendors, with the following fields at a minimum: company name, country, email, first name, last name, mobile contact no.
  3. If provisioning vendor staff passes, you must create the appropriate ticket types first. These are tickets created with the 'Limit visibility to vendor portal only' setting enabled. Read more here.
  4. If provisioning Consignment tickets passes, you must create the appropriate consignment ticket types first. These are tickets created with the 'Limit visibility to vendor portal only' and 'Default' share mode enabled. Read more here.

Quick instructions:

  1. Log in to your EventsPass account and load your event
  2. Click the 'Event Management' tab, then click the 'Vendor Options' tab
  3. Click the 'Import Vendor' button
  4. Click the 'Start New Import' button
  5. Follow the four steps of vendor import:
    1. Configuration: Assign each of the vendor staff pass ticket types and consignment ticket types to a 'Ticket Type' field ('Ticket Type 1' and so on). You can assign up to 10 ticket types. You will specify how many of each type a vendor will receive at a later step. 
    2. Upload CSV file: Download the template import file (in CSV format), update the file according to the instructions contained within (add your vendor records), and then upload it by clicking the 'Add File' button (must be CSV format), and then click 'Upload'.
    3. Review the results of the upload for any issues
    4. Invite vendors. Customize your welcome/invitation message. Then click the 'Continue and send Welcome Email' button to distribute the welcome email, inviting vendors onto your event.
  6. The onus is then on the exhibitor to create their account and begin setting up their LeadGen account and/or vendor staff passes and/or consignment tickets.

Detailed instructions:

Click the 'Import Vendor' Button.

Click 'Start New Import'.

If you are intending to assign vendor staff pass ticket types to your vendors, then assign those ticket types below. At a later step, you will specify the number of tickets you wish to provision for each vendor. If this is not applicable to your event, then simply proceed by clicking the 'Update Import Configuration button without editing any of the 'Ticket Type _' fields.

Note: Vendor staff pass ticket types must be created prior to import (see here). 
Note: Vendor import supports the mapping of up to ten vendor staff pass ticket types.

Click the button to download the import template. This will initiate a download of an excel file to your computer. This file contains instructions on how to prepare the import file with your vendor details.

Input the details of the vendors you wish to import according to the instructions contained within the excel file (see 'Instructions' tab). Vendor details should be placed in the 'vendor_import_template' tab (example below). At minimum, you should complete the first name, last name, email, mobile, company, job title, and country fields. 

If you are provisioning vendor staff passes, then you need to input the quantity that is available to each vendor, for each of the vendor staff pass ticket types that you mapped two steps prior. For example, we have mapped 'VENDOR PASS  - ADMIT ONE' to 'Ticket Type 1' two steps prior. Below, you can see that we have specified that Adam's Aprons and Bob's Big Beef Burgers will each have access to 10x of this ticket type via their vendor portal (in column J below), and so on for each of the vendors.

Save the excel file when you are satisfied all details are correct. Then save another version of this file in CSV format (in excel go to File > Save As > Save As Type > 'CSV (Comma Separated'). This is is the file you will upload to your EventsPass account.

Return to your EventsPass account, add this CSV file for import. The file name will appear below the 'Upload Queue' heading.

Next you can initiate the upload process by clicking 'Upload'.

Allow EventsPass a few moments to process the file upload. The process typically takes fewer than 3 minutes to complete (depending on your internet upload speed).

Once uploaded, you will need to review the results of the upload.

This step is critical to ensure your vendors can access their vendor portal for your event.

When reviewing, please look out for:
  1. Any data errors highlighted by EventsPass (e.g. issues with email addresses, duplicate entries, invalid country codes)
  2. Import Configuration:
    1. Check that the correct ticket type is mapped to your 'Ticket Type' fields.
    2. Check that the quantities you input for each vendor is as expected
If you find errors, you have two options:
  1. Edit an individual row, by clicking the corresponding 'Change' button under the 'Actions' column.
  2. Amend the CSV file to correct all the errors, and then click the 'Re Upload File' button

Scroll down the page, and you also have an option to customize the message sent to your vendors, once you trigger the invitation email. Update these fields as desired, otherwise leave blank to proceed with the default EventsPass system messaging only.

Enable the 'Is Capture Only?' setting if your event is only proceeding with LeadGen for your vendors (and is not provisioning vendor staff passes through LeadGen). When enabled this setting adjusts the email invitation copy to be more relevant to LeadGen only.

At this stage, you can click 'Continue and send Welcome Email' to invite all of your vendors onto your event. This triggers an EventsPass system email to all imported vendors. 

If you prefer to arrange your own vendor communications, you can continue creating the vendor accounts, without the email invitation, by clicking the 'Continue' button.

 You will see a success message once EventsPass has completed the import (and email distribution, if applicable), after which you can click 'Done' and the process will be complete. You will then be returned to the 'Manage Vendors' view.