Export your leads

Export your leads

Note: If you believe some leads are missing from your export file, then please see here: I cannot see all my leads / where did my leads go?

Export leads via the LeadGen scanning app

From the main dashboard view in your event, simply tap on export (shown below with red arrow)

If the export is successful a message will appear letting you know where the export CSV file has been emailed. (example email shown below)

Export leads via your EventsPass vendor portal

Begin by clicking the EXPORT ALL LEADS link on the front page of your vendor portal.

The system will download a CSV file containing your leads that can be opened on Microsoft Excel. Your browser typically shows the file on the bottom of your webpage (shown with red arrow below) 

If you open that file it will look like the picture below.

Note: For more information on navigating your EventsPass vendor portal please follow this link.

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