I cannot see all my leads / where did my leads go?

I cannot see all my leads / where did my leads go?

The LeadGen app can continue collecting leads when it is not connected to the internet. If one of your scanning devices is offline, then these leads will not appear on other devices until it can connect to the internet, and your app logged in to your event. It is recommended that you ensure all devices have synced all leads after your event is finished.

Warning: Do not uninstall the app or clear the app cache while on-site at your event, as this will permanently erase any leads that have not yet synced to the cloud.
Note: If you do not see all your leads, some may be saved on another LeadGen device from another colleague, and not yet synced. Check the connectivity of each of your scanning devices to troubleshoot this.
Note: At the end of your event, it is recommended that you check that each scanning device has fully synced all leads to the cloud.

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