How can I get more LeadGen scanning devices for my upcoming event?

How can I get more LeadGen scanning devices for my upcoming event?

There are two ways to obtain your physical LeadGen scanning devices:

  1. The easiest is to coordinate with your booth staff to install the LeadGean app on their personal, or work-provided smartphones. They can simply install the EventsPass LeadGen application, and then log in using your account details. 
  2. You may also rent devices from a hardware rental company. Please contact EventsPass as we have a limited supply of our own hardware available for rent. If our stock is unavailable, we can recommend some rental suppliers (depending on your country).
  3. When using an iPad or tablet, many customers opt to place their iPad in a desk stand, so that LeadGen can be used as a self-scan kiosk for visitors to your booth. 
  4. It is also strongly recommended that the devices have mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity over the course of your event.

LeadGen minimum system requirements (hardware/software):

Please ensure any devices you intend to use with LeadGen meet these requirements.

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