Navigate your EventsPass ticketholder account

Navigate your EventsPass ticketholder account

Sign in or create your account

If you already have an EventsPass ticket holder account, you can log in from the full event URL.

Note existing account holders should always log in from the full event URL (e.g., not 

If you do not have an account yet, you can create an account by visiting the ticketing page of the event you plan on attending (or have attended recently).  See the below example.

Note: You cannot create your EventsPass ticket holder account by directly visiting

Available actions from your account dashboard

Once logged in you will see your account dashboard.

Dashboard Actions

Buy more tickets

Click the 'Buy Tickets' button and proceed through the ticket purchase checkout process. Your account is signed in so any transactions will automatically save to your EventsPass account.

Add tickets to your EventsPass account

Click the 'Add Tickets' button to begin the process. 

The full instructions for adding tickets to your account can be found here: Add ticket(s) to your EventsPass account

Download existing tickets and invoice (receipt)

Click the 'Download Tickets & Invoice ' button, and when prompted, save the files (PDF format) to your local computer or device. 

Note: Unless otherwise specified by the event producer, in most cases you can simply present the ticket confirmation email upon arrival at the event (via your smart device), so long as the email contains the ticket QR codes (the square barcode).

Manage your tickets (update registration details, add Ticket Options, and share with friends/family/colleagues)

Click the 'Manage My Tickets' button.

From this menu, you can:
  1. Update the customer details assigned to each ticket by clicking the 'Update Registration' button (then update fields and click 'Save').
  2. Add Ticket Options to your ticket(s) by clicking the 'Add Options' button (note: only available for free ticket options).
  3. Share individual tickets with other friends, family, and colleagues who will be attending with you (if enabled by the event organizer)
Note: when you share individual tickets, the ticket will disappear from your account as soon as the recipient claims the shared ticket. Until they are claimed by the recipient, the ticket(s) will remain in your account and show as 'Pending'. Once claimed, the recipient will then have the opportunity to update the details registered against the ticket. Read more.