Scan (redeem) ticket holder vouchers, coupons or ticket options

Scan (redeem) ticket holder vouchers, coupons or ticket options

Note: This is only available when Redemption Mode is enabled for your event. See here.


Log in to your vendor account on the EventsPass LeadGen app. Select your event.

Select the 'Redemption Mode' button to begin scanning.

When prompted, press OK to acknowledge you will not be capturing leads in this mode.

You are now in 'Redemption' scanning mode and ready to start scanning (redeeming) ticket holder vouchers, coupons, or ticket options.

Tap the screen to load the scanner. Let the scanner focus on the customer's ticket (either printed or on their smart device).

Tap the '+' icon until you have set the number of items (coupons/vouchers etc.) you wish to redeem from this customer.

Tap 'Check-in' to confirm.

Tap 'OK' if you are certain that are you redeeming the correct number of items (please double-check this before proceeding).

The app will return to the scan prompt page and you can now present the customer with the goods or services that they have just redeemed.

The process is now complete and you may serve the next customer.

[WATCH] Redeeming credits with LeadGen


Please liaise with your event producer to fully understand how this functionality will be implemented at your event.

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