Five tips to help you capture more attendee data over the course of your event

Five tips to help you capture more attendee data over the course of your event


These tips are for all producers and organizers who want to capture more attendee details over the course of their event. EventsPass is built with flexibility in mind and there are a number of tools available to you, to help drive a much higher overall volume of attendee registrations. 

Consider this scenario: a consumer show has a group purchase ticket, where customers can buy 5x 'General Admission Adult' tickets in one go, for a discounted price (versus buying just one ticket). In this scenario, the producer typically will capture the details of the ticket buyer only, with all other tickets remaining 'unregistered' (no customer information captured). But what if there was a way to collect the details of some, if not all of the other four attendees in this scenario.

Read on to see our tips to help you capture more attendee data over the course of your event.

Note: these tips are the foundation for how you can convert more 'Unregistered' EventsPass tickets into 'Registered' status. To understand the distinction between these two ticket statuses, please see here: Differentiating 'Registered' and 'Unregistered' tickets (and how tickets can become 'Registered')

Five tips

1. Provide an incentive for visitors to register their ticket(s) on-site. Think about how you can create value for these customers. What could you offer them that they would genuinely benefit from? Perhaps a prize giveaway, sponsored by one of your show vendors. Perhaps a show bag to the first 100 attendees for each day of your event. Or perhaps something special like the chance to 'access all areas' at your event and meet some celebrity guests. The options here are unlimited. The key to this being effective however is in the execution, which brings us to the next tip...

2. Create striking signage on-site. If you have incentivized your customers to register the tickets, then it is a great idea to create on-site signage to go along with this campaign (e.g. for box office areas, queueing areas, concourse, car parks, etc.). Striking signage can be a great way to encourage customers to engage and ask you questions, which opens more opportunities for you to convert an otherwise 'unregistered' ticket holder to 'registered'.  Consider how effectively you can market your next event if you have a customer database potentially twice as large as you otherwise would have (without signage).  This is why we suggest that you consider this a marketing investment for your next show, rather than an overhead of running the event.

3. Consider registration requirements for your ticket during customer checkout. When creating a ticket with EventsPass, you can choose whether all tickets must be registered before checkout can be completed (versus the traditional ticketing approach, where only the purchaser providers their own details).  Please consider whether this is suitable for your event, as for some event types it could be a point of friction for potential customers.

4. Brief staff early. Whatever your strategy, by briefing your box office and customer support staff early, you can avoid confusion at entry. Armed with the right information, your staff and volunteers will know exactly how to address questions about tickets and their registration status and have an opportunity to highlight any incentives for registering.

5. Encourage customers to share their tickets upon completion of their ticket checkout process. During the checkout process, ticket purchasers have the opportunity to share specific ticket(s) that they have purchased with other individuals via SMS or Email (see below).  This function represents a significant data collection opportunity for your event, so the more you can encourage this behavior amongst your prospective customers (e.g. via marketing messaging and prompt customers with various instructions during checkout), the more dividends you will reap at the conclusion of your event.