Start scanning attendees (leads) at your event

Start scanning attendees (leads) at your event

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Log in to your account on the LeadGen app, and tap on your event name.

Your event dashboard will load. From the event dashboard, tap 'Lead Scan' to prepare your device for scanning. 


Now you can tap the screen at any time to prepare to scan any ticket associated with your event. Simply tap the screen and the camera viewfinder will load (ensure you allow the app access to the camera if prompted). 

Invite attendees to provide you with their QR Code (this is the square barcode on the visitor’s ticket). This may be in the form of a physical ticket or tickets saved on their smartphone (email, digital wallet etc.).  

Place the QR code in view of the app’s camera to scan.


Once the app recognizes the ticket, it will scan automatically.

If the ticket is already registered (has a name, email, and contact number associated with it), then the app will simply display the thank you message and the process is complete.

Test this process now using the testing QR code shown below. Read more about doing a test scan here.

Note: If one of your staff previously scanned this testing QR code with your LeadGen account, then the next time you scan this QR code the app may notify you that the QR code has already been scanned (i.e., saved to your account).

If you have elected to add  custom questions , these will display after scanning a ticket. You can then proceed in collecting the responses from the attendee. Depending on how you have set up your scanning devices you may ask the attendee the questions and input the responses yourself, or allow the attendee to complete the responses.

Note: Not all tickets that you scan are pre-registered. This means that for some tickets you may also need to capture the essential attendee information including their name, email and contact number. If this occurs, the app will show these fields like the example shown above. This only occurs the first time a visitor scans their unregistered ticket with any vendor or at the box office registration area.

Warning: If you lose internet connectivity during the event, do not worry! If you are logged in to the app, any scanned leads will remain saved on your device until your device can find a connection. Just make sure that you do not delete the LeadGen app (or clear the app cache) before you have had a chance to connect to the internet. The next time you log back into your LeadGen app, your leads will sync to the cloud (or you can manually request this by tapping the ‘Sync’ button).

Once you tap ‘Submit’, the lead is saved to your account and the device will return to the scanning prompt page.

From here you can repeat the process as you continue to engage with more attendees.

Scanning a ticket that has already been registered

Scanning a ticket that has not yet been registered

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