How do I get my tickets?

How do I get my tickets?

Accessing tickets, when you are the ticket purchaser

Access tickets immediately after your order is completed

This is the fastest way to access your tickets. As soon as you finalize your order, will arrive at the 'Order Success' page. From here you can load the internet browser view of your tickets.

Note: some of your tickets may show up as 'unregistered'. Learn more here: Why do some of my tickets display as 'registered' while others are 'unregistered'?

Access tickets from your order confirmation email

The most common way to access your tickets is via the ticket confirmation email (unless the event producer has opted to disable this email, which is rare). An example of this email is shown below. Each numbered item is described in more detail below. This email can take up to 3 minutes to arrive in your inbox after your order is completed.


Within this email, you may see one of four options available to you (depending on the settings the event producer has selected):
  1. Click the 'View all tickets in browser' button to load the 'web view' of your tickets
  2. View the ticket QR code from within the email itself (if the producer has this setting enabled)
  3. Click the 'Download' button to download the ticket(s) in PDF format (if the producer has this setting enabled)
  4. Click 'Add to Apple Wallet' to add the ticket(s) to your iOS device (see below example)

Each of the above options is a valid method for entry to your event and can be presented to the event producer for entry. Unless the event producer has stated otherwise, you can usually bring your tickets in digital format (i.e. on your smartphone), so long as it is presented with your device brightness turned up.

Accessing tickets from your EventsPass account

You can download any ticket(s) associated with your EventsPass ticket holder account by signing in to your account. See here: Navigate your EventsPass ticketholder account

Accessing tickets, when the ticket purchaser has shared individual ticket(s) with you

The ticket purchaser can share individual ticket(s) with other people they plan on attending with. 

If the ticket purchaser does this, then the recipient may either receive an SMS or email, inviting them to claim their ticket(s) to the event via a URL.

Please read more about this here: Share ticket(s) with friends and family

I didn't receive the ticket confirmation email!