Navigating your EventsPass vendor portal

Navigating your EventsPass vendor portal

Accessing your Vendor Portal

Access your EventsPass vendor portal, by signing in from , or by creating an account using the invitation email sent by the EventsPass team (example below) or by the event producer.

What is the Vendor Portal?

 The EventsPass portal is a multi-functional account that allows you to activate and manage Leadgen forms, export leads you have collected, and order/manage tickets to your event.

Note: The numbers on the above picture correspond to the listed descriptions below.

What can you do in the Vendor Portal? 

1. Order Credentials/Tickets

From here you can order tickets/credentials to the show you are attending. For instructions on how to order tickets/credentials please refer to the article Ordering Tickets/Credentials Through Your Vendor Portal.

2. Manage Credentials/Tickets

 If you need to send/resend tickets on your account or edit the information attached to a ticket you may do so through this function. For a guide on this functionality please refer to the article Manage your previous ticket/credential orders from your vendor portal

3. Activate/Manage Leadgen Package

When you first log into you will be able to activate your Leadgen package.
  1. Learn how you can drive more booth ROI with LeadGen here
  2. Learn how to configure your LeadGen package here.
            If you intend to use LeadGen, your package configuration is incomplete if the status indicates 'INACTIVE' (see below). You will not be able to use LeadGen at your event with this status.


If you are using LeadGen, your package configuration is complete (ready for scanning) if the button changes to 'MANAGE LEADGEN PACKAGE' (see below). When the button changes to this format, you can see how many active device logins are permitted on your account. This number represents how many devices you can be simultaneously scanning with, on-site at on your event.

4. Export All Leads

Exporting all leads will generate an excel file containing all leads scanned using EventsPass leadgen app. Learn more: Export your leads
Note: This functionality will not be visible until after you active Leadgen.

View a summary of ticket option redemptions made by your LeadGen account at your event (if applicable).

Note: If you are participating in an event that is configured so that vendors can redeem options from attendees and patrons (for example, a wine show where the wine vendors redeem drink credits from patrons), then you may also see a 'Ticket Option Redemption' button. This button allows you to see the history of redemptions made by your EventsPass LeadGen account (example below).

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